Official selection

The festival’s ambition is to introduce young people to the world of short films, around screenings and debates in the presence of directors and actors

Official selection 33rd festival

Happy and proud to present this 2021 prize list to you! Once again this year, our selection team went above and beyond to bring you a very diverse range of films, both in their genre and their origin. One thing in common: their quality!

Violaine LEBON – Manager committee selection / organization



De Andra TEVY – FRANCE – Durée : 15 ‘ 00

A sunny summer Sunday on a café terrace. She watches her seemingly peaceful neighbors at the other tables. Her perceptions are subjective and distorted, an impression that the grass is greener elsewhere… The ensuing comparisons and criticisms trigger a crisis at their own tables.


De George KAPLAN et Zoe DOPPLER- FRANCE – Durée : 9 ‘ 00

Where is the notable’s tie ? It seems that his wife knows more about this disappearance !


De Platon THEODORIS – AUSTRALIE – Durée : 9 ‘ 32

A homeless Irish alcoholic and an artistic backpacker clash on a Sydney street. The backpacker becomes the focus of her anger over a misunderstanding. But the backpacker’s innocence catches her off guard and they quickly develop an unlikely connection over his art. The pair discover the power of genuine self expression and creativity.


De Céleste BRUANDET – FRANCE – Durée : 5 ‘ 30

Nadja starts her first evening as a maintenance worker in administrative premises. Surprised not to be alone, she meets a man at the coffee machine who starts a conversation. After who made her an amazing proposal, she agrees to accompany him to his office. What does he really want with her ? And she…did she just come to do her job ?

5 – 12H20

De Gabriel KALUSZYNSKI – FRANCE – Durée : 6 ‘ 40

Geo, a dynamic thirty-something, enters his home after his sports session and discovers a post-it hanging on the fridge door: “At 12:20, you’re going to die.” The living room clock shows 12:16 p.m. Appearances can be deceiving


De Carlo D’URCI – ITALIE – Durée : 10 ‘ 00

Four teenagers play football near an area guarded by a military drone.The ball ends behind a hill and Mufid has to go to find it. He never expected that recovering the ball could cost him his life


De Xavier INBONA – FRANCE – Durée : 15 ‘ 00

While he must, no matter the costs, win the largest piano contest in the world, he has a stroke…



De Judicaël CEVA – FRANCE – Durée : 3 ‘ 40

Immersed in their recreation, two street children race on the rooftops of their magnificent Middle Eastern city. However, an event will disrupt their games and change their perception of the environment.



De Tom POPE – FRANCE – Durée : 13 ‘ 00

A heart-broken young woman is left to lookafter her friends’ heavy breathing pet bulldog while they’re away on vacation.