Festival 2024

Youth selection

Youth selection 2024

For second time, the Festival offers a 100% youth program aimed at an audience of 4 to 12 year-olds. A special selection will allow the young audience to come and discover the world of the short film during several school or family sessions. The screening of the films of this youth selection will also be followed by a debate with the young audience in the presence of directors and actors.

Marie-Elisa CHAZAL – Youth selection manager


By Toiron Flavie, Masdevall Josselin, Amadou Nadia, Viotti Valantine, Poirier Clara, Barbieri Julien, Suire Romane, Ghio Pierre
2023 Animation 5’11 min 

In the heart of wild Alaska, a lonely Downy Woodpecker hears an unexpected response to his drumming. Driven by his desire to find a companion, he embarks on an adventure that takes him into the depths of a frozen cave. Surprised to find himself face to face with his own reflection, he angrily strikes the wall, causing the ice to crumble.


By Chernysheva Natalia
2023 Animation 4’20 min

A sunflower unlike any other chooses to take a fresh look at his environment, and discovers a totally different world …


By Delaunay-Fernandez Alexandra, Pardaillhe-Galabrun Scott, Emerat Sixtine, Segalowicz Noémie, Majcher Julie, Benabdallah-Crolais Marine
2023 Animation 6’16 min 

Olivia, a 10-year-old girl addicted to her mobile phone and social networking sites, is abandoned by her parents on the edge of a motorway service area on holiday. Alone with her cuddly toy, he tries his best to get her to pick up her phone and play with her, but things don’t go according to plan !

La nuit blanche de Delepoulle Audrey

The white night

By Delepoulle Audrey
2023 Animation 4’04 min

Beth, a courageous orchardist, and her colleagues spend an exhausting night in the heart of the countryside trying to save their orchards from the announced destructive frost at all costs.


By Platteborze Virginie, Berry Tom, Richard Ellie-Joy, Camona Emma, Wiegand-Raymond Thomas, Lepercque Elise, Beaumale Mae
2023 Animation 5’40 min 

Determined to show her older sister, Eileen, that she has finally mastered the magic of plants, Iris sets off in search of her in the “Great Greenhouse”, unaware that it is prey to the terrifying plant monster she created by mistake…


By Macagno Liselotte
2023 Animation 4’50 min 

Claude, accompanied by a guide-goat, is desperate to see the root daisy. This flower can only be found at the top of the mountain: the Pic-Odon. The Pic-Odon refuses to climb the mountain because he wants to rest. When Claude reached the top, he trampled on the root daisy. The Pic-Odon is furious and sends Claude tumbling down the slope.


By Atefi Goli
2023 Animation 1’44 min 

A passer-by sees a coveted piece of cake in the window of a patisserie. Tempted, he tries to fight his desire and stay out of the shop …

Après Papi

By Gomes Freitas Florian, Michel Juliette, Valenza Swann, Sence Axel, Leviaux Victoria
2023 Animation 6’59 min

Haunted by the terrifying ghost of his grandfather, Loup, a little boy with a passion for insects, has to overcome his fear to find out why his grandfather has returned.


By Van Dooren Saskia
2023 Animation 3’09 min

An old woman sits curled up on a bench in a public garden. Weary and motionless, her gaze is lost in the void. Through the movement of a colony of ants or the deformations of the clouds, she imagines herself regaining her mobility, her former suppleness. But this melancholy is disturbed by a strange encounter.


By Spasojevic Stiv
2023 Animation 6’40 min

This is the story of a meeting between an astonishing robot from outer space and an adorable little bird just hatched…